2. something you love about yourself

I love that I have a caring heart. I love deeply and fiercely. I love that I love people. I want people to be happy, or content, and do my best to help them in their journey to better places. I think people who don’t even know me can sense this about me – I don’t know, maybe it’s my aura. But friends and strangers alike will share with me their sorrows, and I will listen and encourage and pray for them.

Apparently it’s a Spiritual Gift. Mercy. I have received it in spades. I know I care for the sometimes overlooked, I see hurt that others don’t, and I will reach out to, if not heal it, then to place a salve of love over the hurt to encourage healing. I remember when I was young, perhaps in high school, we learned about the various types of love, and the unconditional love that God has for us and that we show to others through His Grace is called Agape. My little peer group liked to go around saying not, “I love you,” but “I agape you.” I must’ve taken it to heart. I Agape people all the time.

As stated in my previous post, God will lay certain ones on my heart. I say they are ‘mine’ though they might beg to differ on that point. But what I mean is that I will love them unconditionally, regardless of circumstance, and of what they may or may not have done. Some whom I have claimed have been friends, some acquaintances, and youths that come across my path, students or friends of my kids. Most of the time I don’t tell them of this laying-on God has done. Partly because, well, it’s a little strange. Unconditional love is an ideal, but it’s still somehow foreign to people. They like to think, there must be a catch – there’s always a catch. But there isn’t and I don’t want anything in return (though a little love and loyalty is nice my way, too.) I just know that I am called to love them, care for them, and be there. That’s all. Now, and in a year, and in ten years. I will be here for those whom God has placed on my heart. 

I love this about myself. I know that it is an unusual thing to be so deeply called to love. I know that God has uses for it – to point to His Glory, and to proclaim in some tiny way His vast and amazing Love. 


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