I saw this guy today at the mall.  He was young and fit and gorgeous. and pierced and tattooed.  just so beautiful.  at first, I only noticed that he was pretty.  maybe I noticed a tat, but I don’t remember noticing.  I am sure I didn’t see his piercings.  but then I glanced his way as he walked back to the stock room.  He had a tat on his calf.  his athletic, tanned calf.  in a split second I imagined running my hand up it, caressing and tracing over the image.

I am not sure why I have such a fascination with tattoos but somehow it has blossomed into a bit of a fetish.  just a little one.  when I see one that catches my eye, on a man or woman, I just want to touch it.  run my fingers over it as if I would be able to feel the texture of it.  of course, because I love men, I have a tendency to notice their tattoos more, but it really is just…I love them.

and then I got close to him.  asked him to check on a shoe for me.  and I saw his beautiful eyes.  arresting, although isn’t it funny that i can’t remember exactly if they were green or hazel?  I think hazel.  greenish, but not emphatic green.  and his piercing.  he had his cheek pierced. like a beauty mark, except that there was nothing feminine about it.  I think it must’ve hurt when he had it done.  I wonder if it hurts now?  well, it is definitely striking.  brings focus to his amazing bone structure.  wow.


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