He smiled and beguiled; she was happily enchanted.  She gave her whole heart, unconcerned at his reserve.  Confident he would give his in time.  Love conquers all, after all.   But one day, another smiled – and he was beguiled.  He left, indifferent to her tears, her shattered heart beneath retreating steps.

She guards her heart, what pieces she recovered.  She holds the shards in tender hands, cutting others and herself on the sharp edges. Warning the others away, reminding herself of the pain of a shattered heart.  Keeping herself to herself, and the remains of her heart safe from smiling beguilers.

Despite her sharp edges, He comes.  He comes to her with tender eyes, gentle hands, open heart.  She tearfully offers the shards, once guarded so jealously.  “This is all I have.”  And day by week by month He helps her to piece it together again. Love conquers all, after all.


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