Today the wind is blowing – a truly spectacular March Wind.  Trash bins are rolling willy-nilly all over the neighborhood today (it’s trash collection day for most of us) and our recycle bin made it clear into the farm field before I ventured out to retrieve it.  Crunchy brown leaves leftover from the autumn fly about.  It’s the type of wind that, were I a child, I would stand facing with my arms outstretched, recklessly leaning into it, daring the wind to ease up and let me fall, or pick up and carry me away.

I don’t much like wind – it tends to chill me, even in the summer, but I like the idea of the wind.  I like the idea that if it blows hard enough, it can sweep away all the junk of life.  Sweeping clean the debris and rubbish I collect without meaning to.  So as I listen to the whoosh of the wind sweeping around the back of my house, over the chimney and through the trees nearby, I pray:  Lord – sweep me up in your mighty wind – sweep away the dust and dirt of my wayward self, clear the cobwebs from the corners of my heart – clear my inner sky of moody clouds, and shine your light fully and brightly into my soul.  Amen.


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