I make no secret of the fact that I love makeup – I think Sephora is a little slice of heaven, and can easily spend an hour just looking at makeup in the local drugstore.  I especially love finding new lip glosses and balms, and I am in alt over a new eyeliner or mascara purchase, too.  I am a complete sucker for packaging, and I know it.  I am a marketer’s dream!

As much as I like makeup, I try to use an easy hand – so that I still look like me when I finish my face.  And, generally speaking, I do.  I’m sure of it.  Just…it’s a better-looking me.

This Monday past, I decided to give my face a little break from the makeup – moisturizer only -lip balm, no color.  Fresh-faced me.  This was absolutely no problem…until it was time to leave the house.  Leave the house without my face?! ack.  A daunting prospect, to say the least.

But you know what happened?  Absolutely nothing.  I don’t think anyone I came into contact with even noticed – certainly no one said anything – and the world didn’t stop spinning, and (thank God!) no one asked me if I was feeling ill, or reacted with revulsion at seeing my “imperfections”…huh…

It’s funny how naked I felt at first without my ‘face’ – and how little anyone else noticed.  My own husband had to look at me for a long moment for it to occur to him that I wore no mascara and liner, no foundation to cover the (admittedly minor) wrinkles and age-spots.

This leads me into my experiment with No-Makeup Mondays – I think I’m going to give my face a day off every week.  And maybe I will even work up the nerve to do it more often than that!  God arranged for me to have this lovely face, and I don’t really need to cover it up and try to “fix” what’s not wrong in the first place, now, do I?


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