What is it about kisses? When you think about it, it’s kinda weird, kinda gross.  Definitely unsanitary.  But we do it anyway, and it can be amazing beyond words.

I have a fantasy kiss.  I am not sure I have ever been the subject of such fierce desire that someone has slammed me against a wall and kissed me for all they’re worth, but if so, I need a refresher.  It’s time for that kind of kiss.  The kind that takes your breath away, and everything else in the world disappears.  I want to be devoured, with only a kiss to speak passion and need and the single-minded want of me.  Like a storm that begins as a sudden downpour, wild and uncontrolled, it seems like it will never stop.  But it rains itself out, quiets into gentleness as the thunder drifts off into the distance.  Just…and only…a kiss…

A poem.  This is a favorite of mine, although I have only known it as a song – and I cannot read it without hearing its tune in my mind.  The lines create a pull in my heart, and remind me of that moment before you take a chance on a love, the stretch and tension of what-if...

The Coolin – James Stephens from the “Collected Poems”

Come with me, under my coat,
and we will drink our fill
of the milk of the white goat,
or wine if it be thy will.
And we will talk,
until talk is a trouble, too,
out on the side of the hill;
And nothing is left to do,
but an eye to look into an eye,
and a hand in a hand to slip;

and a sigh to answer a sigh;
And a lip to find out a lip!
What if the night be black!
And the air
on the mountain chill!
Where all but the fern is still!
Stay with me, under my coat!
and we will drink our fill
of the milk of the white goat,
out on the side of the hill!


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