I love cookies.  chocolate chip especially.  they are simply scrumptious.  doesn’t matter if they’re store-bought or home-made – I like them.  but of course, my favorite is fresh home-made.

I love when they’re hot, just pulled out of the oven – the edges are just slightly hard, and the chips are melty and gooey.  Like the most delicious lava in my mouth! mmmmm…

although I hate it when I’m too eager to eat and I burn my mouth.  ouch.

I also hate it that they’re so bad for me.  Why can’t cookies be more like carrots?  Then I could have as many as I like.

The trouble with them is that I can go without for weeks, but then…I get a hankering.  I can’t help myself.  Doughy, chocolatey goodness! oh, yum….  I think it’s best to just have a cookie and get it out of my system.  That’s my strategy anyway.  Otherwise, I’ll eat twice or three times more than I should, until I finally just give up and have the damn cookie.


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