My favorite body part. Not sure why, but I find it quite lovely, even riveting, depending on the form to which it is attached.  Although it’s one of those parts which looks lovely on most anyone.  I love how it can seem so strong, yet so delicate at the same time.  Mine is not pronounced, at least not visually, but well defined to the touch – the skin is smooth over hard bone.   Women’s are all over the place, because of our penchant for tanks and wide-necked tops, especially in the summer.  Men’s clavicles – they are so often covered up that it feels just a tiny bit intimate to see them.  A well-pronounced clavicle – with a hollow above, and between the two at the base of the neck – is amazingly seductive. I can almost feel them under my fingers…I guess everyone has a fetish, and it looks like this is mine…


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